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Accessing the Extranet

For Instructions on accessing the Extranet site please click here.

Pending and Search - Search Reservations

In this section you are able to locate a reservation by:

After you enter the information to locate the reservation, please click search reservations.

You can also run your arrivals by entering the start date and the end date in the Service Date From and the Service Date To section.

When you enter a range of dates (Service Date from and Service Date to) the following information will display:

You can sort each section by clicking on the dark blue header of each section.

You can also view the reservation information from this section by double clicking on the Res # next to the Reserve Date.

You can export the list to excel by selecting "Export to CSV".

This concludes the training for the Tourico Holidays Extranet Suite.

If you have questions, please contact the Supplier Relations Team at:

Thank you for your partnership with Tourico Holidays.