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Hotel Promotion - Progressive Promotion

In this section you are able to add pay/stay promotions or progressive discounting with length of stay. Please select the, “Hotel Promotion” tab

Select “Select Contract”and choose the appropriate room type under “Select Room Type”. Once selected promotion information will appear below.

Please click the “Progressive” radio button.

Please use the calendar to pick the start date and end date of the progressive promotion.

Place the number of nights of the stay in the “Stay night” box, place the discount of the stay in the “Discount box”. Your next section decides whether it is a percentage or a dollar amount discount.

Please select whether the discount applied is a dollar amount or a percentage. For example for a 3 night stay, you may want $25 off the stay or 25% off the stay

Please select the how you want the promotion to be highlighted.

Click “Add to List” to show the progressive promotion request. You are able to add more discounts within the date rates for longer or shorter length of stay.

To see how the progressive promotion works, for example, if the promotion you want for the hotel in the month of July, 2010 is

The promotion will look like the following:

If you want to delete a promotion, please click the to remove it.

A dollar amount discount would like below:

Once you confirm the progressive discounting is correct, please click the update button at the right side of the bottom of the page.