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For Instructions on accessing the Extranet site please click here.

Availability and Rates - Change Prices

In this section you are able to make modifications to net rates and allocation. To modify net prices, please select "Change Prices".

Please enter a date or enter a range of dates to modify.

Please select the contract you would like to modify and click continue.

Please select the room type. Below the room type, you will see the date or range of dates you are modifying. 
Your current Average price for the date or range of dates you are modifying is shown.

Below the net prices there are boxes to enter the new net rates. Please enter the new net rates.

If the room type allows additional guests, please enter the additional charge for each person.

If the room type includes amenities, please click the board base. Select the amenity, add the price if applicable. (optional)

Once entered, please select the update button in the bottom right corner of the page.

For net price changes, this is how the page should show:

Once you have clicked the update button, a recap of the change will appear. If the information is correct, please click ok. If the information is incorrect, please select cancel.

The original net rates and the new net rates are shown. You will receive an email notification which confirms the changes.