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Availability and Rates - Change Allocation

In this section, you are able to modify the allotment of each room type. At the top of the page please select the start and end date to modify and select continue.

Select the room type.

In the Filter View Section, click each section you want to view; available rooms, booked rooms and original allotment. This will show you a full view of the rooms per day.

In the allocation section, you are able to add rooms, remove rooms and place stop sales. If you want to add rooms, please click the add button, place the number of rooms to add in the box. The number of rooms in the box will be the number of rooms added to the date range selected. The modification dates are below the word, “Allocation”.

Please update the cutoff date (release date) by clicking the down arrow. Select the number of days you want the rooms to release.

Select the update button in the right corner of the page. You will receive a statement of the changes made for the date range. Please make sure the information is correct. If correct, please select, “ok”. If not, please select, “cancel”.

To remove rooms, please follow the steps above but instead of placing rooms in the add box, you will place the number of rooms to remove in the remove box.

Quick Tips:

This concludes the Change Prices and Change Allocation training.

If you have any questions, please contact the Supplier Relations Team at Thank for Partnering with Tourico Holidays